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Talido LTD (referred to as TALIDO). Customers purchasing the services (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) Usage Agreement has been prepared by TALIDO to determine the general usage purposes and restrictions of the customer panel, services and products. Every individual who has registered and received service on talido.co.uk will be deemed to have read and approved the terms of service. If there is an item among the terms of service that does not suit you, do not place an order.

Content Permissions

All of the service models you have purchased through TALIDO cannot be used to constitute the crimes listed in accordance with Article 8 of the Law No. 5651 on the regulation of broadcasts made on the internet and combating crimes committed through these broadcasts. The services provided by TALIDO must comply with the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Service models that do not comply with the laws of the Republic of Turkey have the right to be closed/suspended without notice. Service models used for phishing attacks are closed without refund.
Our shared hosting servers cannot be used in a way that does not comply with the concept of shared hosting, such as backup, file sharing, cloud file storage, video hosting.

In shared hosting services, backup files created by the customer are kept on the server for a maximum of 12 hours. It is automatically removed by the system after 12 hours.

In our shared hosting service models, it is forbidden to host exe, rar, zip, bz2, gzip, 7zip, pdf, iso and file types that can be considered for storage purposes, regardless of file size. Flash game SWF file types are not allowed to be hosted on our shared hosting servers as they fall under the storage usage model. If mp3, mp4 , avi, dat, 3gp, flv, xvid, mov, mkv, mpeg, pdf file types are used for storage purposes, TALIDO reserves the right to delete it without warning if it is detected. However, if you are using an mp4 video in a slider area on your site, you can let us know via the support notification so that it is not deleted.

The site types and site contents specified below are not hosted in the service models provided by TALIDO. In case of detection of the websites listed below, they will be suspended without notice.

  • IRC Scripts and Botnet
  • Use of Pirated Software and Warez
  • Proxy Scripts and Anonymizers
  • AutoSurf, PTC, PTS and PPC sites
  • IP Scanners
  • Bruteforce Programs, Scripts and Applications
  • Mail Bombers, Spam Scripts and Mailer Pro and etc.
  • Sales of items without appropriate permissions
  • Sites with all kinds of content such as Adult, Erotic, Adult Story and Video
  • Friendship such as escort, gigolo sites and all sites that have this content
  • Lottery and Gambling Sites
  • MUDs, RPGs and PBBGs
  • Archive programs focused on hacker sites
  • Mirror/Zone Hack Sites
  • Hacker Forum/Blog Software
  • Sites promoting illegal activities
  • Phishing websites
  • Bulk Spam SMS Sending Sites
  • Broadcasting of live sports competitions (Digitürk, Dsmart, Tivibu etc.)
  • Bitcoin and digital currency mining tools
  • Sites with lotto/gambling/betting/incentive to play
  • File upload / mirror sites (such as WeTransfer, File.co)
  • Image uploading and sharing sites (such as hizliresim, tinypic, imgur)
  • Teamspeak and text and voice chat sites and sites that mediate these services
  • Toplist and link shortening sites
  • Farm games, pyramid scheme, etc. ponzi-based sites
  • Sites of games such as Metin2, Knight Online, Silkroad
Copyright Infringement

In case of copyright infringement in the hosting services you receive from us, we are obliged to deliver the copyright infringement notices to you (via Support notification and SMS). If you do not respond to the copyright infringement reported to you within 72 hours, the aforementioned website is temporarily suspended until the customer returns.

Trademark Infringement

In case of brand infringement in domain name and hosting solutions, the service is permanently terminated after the customer is informed (Example Brand: Facebook, example domain name that violates the brand: facebook-example.com etc.).

Backup and Data Loss

TALIDO does not take backups for Dedicated Server, Cloud Server, and Co-Location services, and the responsibility of the backup belongs entirely to the customer. The customer is obliged to back up the sites he owns and TALIDO cannot be held responsible for any data loss that may occur. In shared hosting services, backups are taken daily and monthly if the service size does not exceed 3 GB. If the service size exceeds 3 GB, the periodic backup received by us does not cover the relevant service. In such cases, backup responsibility belongs to the customer and there are two different backup models for sites with less than 3 GB. The backups taken are incremental backups and overwrite the previous backup. In addition, shared hosting servers are incrementally backed up to a remote server every 12 hours as a server image. The backups taken by us can be shared with the customer upon request, but the main purpose of the backup is to use the backups in case of a disaster.

Service Relocation

Free transportation offered in hosting services is a service model that we offer in order to provide convenience to our valued customers. Regarding the free transport, TALIDO does not guarantee the date of completion of the transport or whether the relevant sites are suitable for transport or not. Our customer who receives service can contact us and request information about when the transportation process will start and how it will be. As long as the size of the websites does not exceed 5GB, the migration of up to 15 sites from the cPanel control panel to the cPanel hosting service, which is also purchased by us, is carried out free of charge. Migration operations that will take place through different control panels are carried out free of charge, if the site does not exceed 2GB per site for up to 3 sites.

TALIDO cannot be held responsible for software problems that may occur during site transfer operations performed by TALIDO. Migrations made by us are carried out by transferring files from the cPanel control panel to the cPanel control panel or manually. In case of a problem during transportation, the responsibility belongs to the customer.

Accuracy of Profile/Current Information

TALIDO provides services on a prepaid basis. Service models on TALIDO do not include service models under the name of test/trial. In order to receive service through TALIDO, your information (Name Surname, Telephone, T.R Identity, Address) that you have determined while registering must be correct. If necessary, TALIDO may contact you to verify your profile information and request your verification. The information in your profile should be checked regularly by the customer. In case the customer’s profile information is missing/invalid/fake, customer access and services may be temporarily/permanently closed.

E-mail Service Terms of Use

In Cloud Server, Dedicated Server, Co-Location service models, if the IP address is provided by us, the E-Mail service ports are closed by default. In order for the e-mail service to become active, a written request must be created on the support ticket and the customer must accept the terms we will specify.

The mail service provided in shared hosting services is provided completely free of charge and is suitable for individual mail use. The mail service provided on shared hosting is not the main service, and the A record/cname record of the site must show our server in order to use the mail service. In the event that a website directed only as an MX record is detected, the access of the site is suspended by us simultaneously with the warning.

The hosting services you purchase through TALIDO have their own hourly mail sending limits. You can view these limits in the service details section. For packages that do not specify a sending limit in the package details, the default value is 100 mails per hour, and this mail is completely normal mailing limit. It cannot be used for mass mailing.

In shared hosting services, a maximum of 10 MB of mail can be stored, mails exceeding 10 MB in size are deleted by the system after 10 days, and in general mail usage, one mail is kept on our shared hosting servers for a maximum of 365 days. Emails exceeding 365 days are automatically deleted by the system without notification.

On all our shared hosting servers, the mail() function is disabled and cannot be opened upon request. The software/script used to send mail must support SMTP and the SMTP settings must be made correctly.

Service Limitation and Resource Usage

By default, MySQL, MsSQL, SSH ports on our shared hosting servers are closed to outside access. In order to access the relevant services, IP access permission must be requested through the support ticket. If IP access right is granted, remote connection right is defined to related services between 30 minutes and 3 hours. The reason why MySQL and MsSQL services are open to the outside is to provide our customers with remote connection convenience and cannot be used as database hosting. In case of such abuse, the remote connection right of the service is permanently removed.

CPU usage details are included in the page details of shared hosting service models. CPU limit varies according to the service model our customers receive. If more than one website is hosted on shared hosting services, the CPU resource assigned to the service model is shared among all added sites. If the CPU limit is not wanted to be shared, reseller hosting or a separate package must be purchased for each site. In reseller hosting services, each site has separate resources, independent of each other.

Inodes (number of files) are specified on the page details of shared hosting service models. The inode limit is fixed for each package and it is a feature that cannot be increased specifically.

On our shared hosting services, cron Job usage should be set to a minimum of 5 minutes. Continuously running cron job processes are determined by our system and arranged for 5 minutes without notice.

Some robot bots on our shared hosting servers are disabled for stability and cannot be opened depending on the customer’s request.

IP, server and infrastructure changes can be made in the service models you have received through TALIDO, if deemed appropriate by TALIDO.

CPU, I/O, MySQL, Traffic, Disk etc. their usage is monitored and logged by TALIDO technical staff 24/7/365. If an abusive situation is detected in these usage models, the customer can be requested to upgrade the service and the limit of the packages can be adjusted according to the fair use conditions. If the CPU limit is pushed excessively for 90 seconds, the customer will be warned and the service will be suspended if usage continues.

Private IP and Shared IP Terms of Use

If the “Private IP” option is not selected during the purchasing process in hosting services, a shared IP address is automatically assigned to the service model. Since there are many different websites on shared ip addresses, the shared ip address may be blacklisted and TALIDO cannot be held responsible for this. TALIDO’s IP addresses are controlled by TALIDO for certain periods, and the necessary action is taken by TALIDO to remove IP addresses from the black list. In order to avoid such situations, it is recommended to obtain a private IP address of our customer.

Our Area of Responsibility in Reseller Hosting Services

Reseller hosting service owners are obliged to support their own customers, and we do not provide support to the customers of Reseller hosting customers. If the sites of the customers under the reseller hosting service are inaccessible for any reason, the customer of the reseller hosting customer indicates to our company that they cannot communicate with the reseller hosting owner; Considering the company’s reputation in the sector it is in, TALIDO follows some procedures in order not to damage the brand awareness, to avoid any negative impressions, and also to ensure that the customer of our reseller hosting customer is not victimized. Our company is in an intermediary position at this point. Reseller hosting mediates between our client and their client in finding a common solution.

Important Note: Customers under the reseller account state that they cannot contact our company with the reseller owner while their sites are inaccessible, and our company sends the information under the TALIDO customer account (mobile or landline phone, e-mail) to the reseller owner for 4 working days. If it cannot reach TALIDO brand awareness, it can directly transfer the hosting service under the reseller service to the relevant user by creating a new TALIDO account, by making the necessary security and ownership verifications, in order to prevent any negative impressions from the people to whom the Customer provides service. or to claim compensation.

Technical Support Obligations

TALIDO provides technical support over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach the sales and accounting unit between 09.00 and 18.00. The technical unit provides 24/7/365 day support.

TALIDO reserves the right not to provide support to the customer if it deems it appropriate, and it is at TALIDO’s discretion.

Shared Service Models Support Scopes

No support is provided to the customers of our reseller hosting customers purchased by us. Our customers who have purchased reseller hosting are obliged to support their own customers, and TALIDO reserves the right not to provide support in this regard. If the customer of our reseller hosting customer contacts us, information is provided about who and how he can get support. If the customer of our reseller hosting customer requests technical support or sends us an e-mail, it will not be taken into account by us. In case of a problem, the reseller hosting owner should contact.

TALIDO does not provide support for software issues experienced by our customers, and it is recommended to work with a software developer. However, in some simple problems, support can be provided by the personnel providing the technical support by using the initiative, this situation is left entirely to the initiative of the personnel. Only simple syntax errors (like;) and similar errors can be sent within the scope of support, which is a personnel initiative.

In shared hosting services, support is not provided for mail-related issues, and the installation of e-mail programs on computers, tablets and mobile phones is the customer’s responsibility and support is not provided. However, support can be provided at the initiative of the technical support personnel.

In shared hosting services, CMS/E-Commerce platforms such as WordPress, OpenCart, which are popular and supported by the one-click software installation application, can be installed by us, but the plugin/theme settings of the installed systems are entirely the responsibility of the customer. Theme installation/plugin settings are not done by TALIDO.

Server Derivative Product Models Support Scopes

Server-derived service models are service models that are supported under the SLA. You can view SLA packages at https://www.TALIDO.com/sla.

TALIDO does not provide support for a software problem within the server service.

You have the right to 1 free format per month, after which an invoice of 10£+VAT will be generated per format transaction.

Other Aspects Support Scopes

Within the scope of GDPR, TALIDO personnel have the right to call the phone number in the customer’s profile and to make a call over the phone in case of a problem that cannot be agreed or resolved on the support ticket.

TALIDO team does not respond to threats, insults, profanity, slang, etc. over phone/mail/technical support. In such cases, the customer can get the support authorization or even terminate the phone calls. In such a case, the customer’s support authorization will be taken completely.

Payment Information

The service owner is responsible for paying for the services received through TALIDO. TALIDO guarantees that it will keep your data for 10 days from the invoice date. If you do not pay your bill for 10 days, your account may be frozen or deleted. If your payments will be delayed, we would like you to contact us so that your account is not frozen or deleted so that we are informed about this issue. In case of non-payment after the due date, your service data on TALIDO will be permanently deleted after 30 days and cannot be restored.

Brand Scribble

Membership of any individual who makes a complaint/smear, which is found to be opened on the internet and in the written media, without a legally proven subject belonging to our company, in case of detection, the relevant membership and all active services can be stopped and our company cannot be held responsible for any damages that may arise in this process. Legal action may be initiated against the person making the complaint/smearing due to his unproven negative opinion.

No tolerance for spam!

It is strictly forbidden to send spam mail in all service models received through TALIDO. If spam mail is sent, the service owner is warned. If spam mail continues, the service’s mail service is filled in permanently.
Even if there is no spam in shared hosting services, the customer can receive notices, promotions, announcements, etc. in his mailing list (approved or unapproved). cannot send mass mails under names.

Explanation of Unlimited (Unlimited) Concept

Within the hosting services you have purchased through TALIDO, some features are unlimited, the concept of unlimited stated here is a concept that is specified for you to use freely and not to impose restrictions. The concept of Unlimited (Unlimited) given to you has been prepared on the basis of good faith use. If there is no use in good faith, the fair use quota is implemented.

Fair Usage Quotas

  • Disk: 10 GB
  • Traffic: 1 TB
  • Mail: 2 GB
  • Database: 1 GB

Disclosure: The fair usage quota is only a quota applied to our customers who we believe are truly abusing the Unlimited (Unlimited) concept. By default, no fair use quota applies. Customers who have a fair use quota are informed at least 24 hours before the fair use quota is applied, via telephone or a support notification.

Payback Guarantee

There are no refunds for Domain Name, SSL Certificate, Co-Location service models. In Web Hosting and Reseller hosting solutions, there is a no-questions-asked return guarantee within 15 days after the first payment date. There are no refunds on service renewals. There are no refunds for product models (license, etc.) obtained from third party companies. There are no refunds on support packages and private ip addresses purchased under SLA.