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As the TALIDO family, we have crowned the web hosting and reseller hosting services that we started in 2013 with the advantage of understanding the sector and the needs of the sector, with the infrastructure investment that will serve our Individual and Corporate customers in 2015. We have increased the VDS Server and Dedicated Server services to the capacity to provide services in 2015, which is the same year. Our company took it as a duty to include Server Hosting and Cabinet services in the same year without interrupting its ongoing investments.

Our company, which aims to provide fast service and support, gathered all its companies under the roof of Talido Bilişim Teknolojileri AŞ in 2018. This combination of capital and team unity has enabled us to realize our aim of fast service and fast support.  In 2022, we, as TALIDO LTD, have started our official transactions in England in order to realize our investments globally.

As TALIDO LTD, we aim to provide uninterrupted convenience to our customers in all service packages and internet services we have. Our institution, which currently continues its services, has expanded its service portfolio and continues its investments by analyzing the sector in the most accurate way.

Why Us?

TALIDO aims to provide the best service at an affordable price. For this reason, a 50% discount has been applied to all our prices on Server Solutions. You can also get technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week free of charge. Our main services are;


      • Virtual Server
      • Hosting
      • Data Backup
      • IT Consulting
      • CDN
      • Cabinet Rental
      • Co-location
      • IP Transit


We serve you with many more features.

Our Vision

Our mission is to follow the innovations that are recognized in the local and then international service platforms and provide services at globally accepted standards to all our domestic and international customers. Our primary goal is to be the criterion of quality and trouble-free service for all hosting companies serving in the country and abroad. Our company, which aims to provide equal and trouble-free service to all its customers, aims to be a technology investment company that gains the trust of its customers and meets their expectations.

Our Mission

To provide hosting services to our domestic and foreign customers who are in the internet world and are considering buying, to provide new business opportunities in the hosting and web world.

Our Quality Goals

To provide equal, fast and high quality support to all our customers
Creating a secure infrastructure privilege in the hosting industry
Preparing new job and employment opportunities in Hosting and Web world
Providing hosting services by adhering to international standards
To create the most widespread server centers in Turkey, especially in the Marmara region, and throughout Turkey.
To provide an equal and highly secure server environment for all sectors we serve
Adhering to the principle of respect and the customer is always right, to achieve the highest possible satisfaction from the support services provided by our employees.

Our Values

Continuity and uninterrupted service understanding
Fair and equitable remuneration
Openness to new technologies and transferring technologies to our systems as soon as possible
Respecting the ethical rules in the web world and ensuring the privacy of our customers and all their information is secure.
Respect for all the rights of our customers and employees
A service environment that acts with team spirit and produces quality for its customers
Effective and efficient hosting service

Our Social Responsibilities and Duties Towards Society

We are working to provide service at the standards befitting the internet and the internet world, which is one of the discoveries that shape modern life.
The most important reason for our success as TALIDO A.Ş; It is our use of technical tools based on customer-oriented work and efficiency.
Thanks to this approach we have, while being among the few hosting companies in Turkey, it has managed to become a competing company in the world.
TALIDO A.Ş. is a corporate citizenship approach that will benefit the society thanks to its management approach.
Our institution, which aims to fulfill its social responsibilities, aims to increase not only the company budget but also the national capital.
Our institution is aware that it is not just a hosting company and aims to leave positive traces in the lives of many of our citizens who continue their daily lives.
The social responsibility projects in which our team participates aim to make positive progress in the society we are in and to hand over richer futures to the next generations.
As TALIDO A.Ş, we are aware that we are the representative of change in Turkey.
For this reason, we aim to increase our knowledge and business potential by adding the most successful employees of the sector to our continuously expanding investment network.

Our Contact Information

Hüseyinağa Mahallesi İstiklal Caddesi No : 56-58 Grandpera Beyoğlu / İSTANBUL
BEYOGLU VD – 8170372235
Mersis NO : 0817037223500001
Telefon : 0 850 885 0 656